2 Northern Colorado Roadside Killings Remain Unsolved After 2 Years

David Moore, Northern Colorado Shooting Task Force spokesman, speaks during a media briefing Tuesday, April 26.

Johnny Jacoby would have become a great-uncle this spring, watching as his nephew became a dad and his beloved Northern Colorado family grew by one.

William Connole would have had a field day chatting with his sister, Mary, about today’s national political landscape.

But Jacoby and Connole didn’t live to see the family events and elections of the past year.

Both were victims of random roadside slayings two years ago that gripped a Northern Colorado region already on edge following a spate of shattered car windows and a separate shooting on Interstate 25 a stone’s throw from Fort Collins.

The spring 2015 slayings are inching ever closer to cold case designation, given the dwindling number of local and federal investigators who remain assigned to the case.

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