CO – One Symbol With A Series Of Meanings

While CO can be seen in many different places and represent a wide array of different meanings, this article will go over some of the most common. It’s important to always remember context when it comes to CO to make sure you are grabbing the right meaning.

CO As A State
When it comes to U.S. states, CO is clearly the accepted abbreviation for the state of Colorado. This Rocky Mountain state is one of the more famous ones in the union, and whenever dealing with United States geography this almost certainly is what CO will actually stand for as an abbreviation.

As a side note, it’s also worth noting that outside of the United States CO can also represent the nation of Colombia when it comes to geography.

.CO As A Website Extension
There are so many website extensions out there and while .net, .com, and .org are generally the most common by far there are a few popular second tier ones such as .me or .biz. Among the highest of the tier two is the .co extension which, contrary to popular belief actually does not stand for company but it is short for Colombia, the nation where these domains are based out of.

As A Scientific Symbol
There are many different representations for CO in science and it does depend a lot on what field you are tackling. CO is the chemical symbol for Cobalt on the elemental table, cardiac output when talking about medicine and the amount of blood the heart can put out in a minute, and even the gas carbon monoxide.

There are actually several more depending on the field, which is why context matters so much.

As you can see CO is a pretty common abbreviation/symbol with many important meanings.