Flaming Lips and Mac Demarco to Co-Headline Fall Tour

The Flaming Lips and Mac Demarco will co-headline an American tour beginning this fall. Per Demarco’s website, the tour so far has eight dates, though more will be added. Both acts will be coming off of new albums. The Lips released Oczy Mlody back in January, and will put out a limited edition reimagining of the album titled Onboard the International Space Station Concert For Peace on Record Store Day. Demarco’s new record, This Old Dog, is out May 5, though he was encouraging fans to download it from peer-to-peer services over the weekend.

Their tour dates are below:

Sept. 17 — Saint Paul, Minn. @ Myth Live Event CenterSept. 18 — Milwaukee, Wisc. @ Eagles Ballroom Club StageSept. 19 — Indianapolis, Ind. @ Farmer’s Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park
Sept. 20 — Niagara Falls, New York @ Rapids Theatre
Sept. 29 — Houston, Tex. @ Revention Music Center
Sept. 30 — Irving, Tex. @ Pavilion at The Music Factory
Oct. 1 — Austin, Tex. @ ACL Live at the Moody Theater
Oct. 5 — Phoenix, Ariz. @ Comerica Theatre

CO – One Symbol With A Series Of Meanings

While CO can be seen in many different places and represent a wide array of different meanings, this article will go over some of the most common. It’s important to always remember context when it comes to CO to make sure you are grabbing the right meaning.

CO As A State
When it comes to U.S. states, CO is clearly the accepted abbreviation for the state of Colorado. This Rocky Mountain state is one of the more famous ones in the union, and whenever dealing with United States geography this almost certainly is what CO will actually stand for as an abbreviation.

As a side note, it’s also worth noting that outside of the United States CO can also represent the nation of Colombia when it comes to geography.

.CO As A Website Extension
There are so many website extensions out there and while .net, .com, and .org are generally the most common by far there are a few popular second tier ones such as .me or .biz. Among the highest of the tier two is the .co extension which, contrary to popular belief actually does not stand for company but it is short for Colombia, the nation where these domains are based out of.

As A Scientific Symbol
There are many different representations for CO in science and it does depend a lot on what field you are tackling. CO is the chemical symbol for Cobalt on the elemental table, cardiac output when talking about medicine and the amount of blood the heart can put out in a minute, and even the gas carbon monoxide.

There are actually several more depending on the field, which is why context matters so much.

As you can see CO is a pretty common abbreviation/symbol with many important meanings.

Enjoy Your Visit to Colorado

When making your vacation plans this year, do not overlook the state of Colorado. Regardless of what part of CO you happen to visit, you will find plenty to do. In fact, the only thing that is really necessary for you to choose is the time of year that you are visiting, because that will make a difference in what type of plans you are making.

By and large, the most popular time to visit Colorado is during the winter time. The weather can get quite cold in the winter, especially in the mountain areas but that can work to your favor. After all, if you are coming to Colorado in the winter, it is likely that you are coming to ski. With some of the best ski resorts in the world within the state, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a ski vacation like no other.

There are many other winter sports that you may enjoy in CO during the colder months as well. Snowboarding is quite popular, and many of the ski resorts have that option available. You might also want to try snowmobiling, and there are many trails throughout the state that are available for that purpose.

Don’t overlook the possibility of coming to Colorado during the warmer weather. Yes, the snow is fantastic and the skiing is fun, but there is much beauty to be seen when the weather is warmer. Perhaps you might enjoy taking a scenic drive through a national park or you may enjoy some of the outdoor activities surrounding the area of Denver.

Regardless of the time of year you decide to visit, you will not regret the fact that you set your sights on Colorado. It is a state with much to offer and the only regret you will have is the fact that you couldn’t stay longer.

Three of the Best Restaurants in Three of Colorado’s Best Cities

The state of Colorado is home to many great cities like Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins and Boulder. While Denver is Colorado’s capital city and a great place to visit, let’s take a look at those other three cities mentioned. If you were to plan a vacation to one of the three or all of the above, you need some names of a few of the top restaurants. So that’s what we’re going to do, give you three of the best restaurants in each of those three Colorado cities.

Let’s stop on by Aurora, Colorado first. One of the top establishments there is Monsoon. Monsoon is located on East Commons Avenue, and it is known for some of the most delicious Indian food in Aurora. There are 711 restaurants in the city, so it pays to be picky when passing through. Another top restaurant in Aurora is Bent Fork American Grill, which is on East Iliff Avenue. Then the third one to mention is Three Little Griddles, which is on South Gun Club Road.

Moving on from Aurora and into Fort Collins, let’s take a look at Maza Kabob. It is on South College Avenue, and you can tell what they are known for. Two other top restaurants in Fort Collins are Restaurant 415 on South Mason Street and Blue Agave Grill on South College Avenue, the same street as Maza Kabob.

Now we get to visit Boulder, Colorado. Out of hundreds of restaurants in Boulder, Oak at Fourteenth is the top ranked establishment. It is located on Pearl Street. Then another good one to jot down is Avery Brewing Company located on Nautilus Court. We owe you one more so you have plenty of good food to eat there, and that restaurant is going to be Riff’s Urban Fare, located on Pearl Street like Oak at Fourteenth.

These three Denver cities and their restaurants are going to show you a good time. Visiting Colorado sounds like fun during anytime of the year. If you have never been to Boulder, Aurora, or Fort Collins, maybe now is the time to plan a trip.

Why Traveling To Greenwood Village CO Should Be One Of Your Vacation Destinations

Have you ever heard of Greenwood Village before? It is a location south west of Aurora, and is a popular place for people that enjoy comedy, great massages, and fantastic wine. It’s a place that some people visit on a regular basis, whereas others may have just discovered it recently. Here are some of the benefits to traveling to and staying at this small city.

What Can You Do In This Small City?

A couple of the places that you should consider visiting include InVINtions and Bouzy Wine & Spirits. You have probably heard of these referred to as wine bars. It’s a place for you can sample, and also purchase, some of the best wine that is available. It’s a place that people who enjoy wine visit on a regular basis. What is unique is that this can be coupled with going to Comedy Works South, a place where you can enjoy a fantastic comedy show. The combination of these two will literally make anyone happy that enjoys fine wine and also a great laugh every once in a while.

Other Things That You Can Do While You Are In This City

One other thing that you may want to consider doing if you are going to stay there for a couple of weeks is try to learn something new. For example, you might not be very good at cooking, and there is the Kitchen Table Cooking School. It is so important to understand how to cook, especially if you have never learned before, as you may be facing a situation where you will have to fend for yourself. Even though it’s not that hard to cook a meal, it’s nice to know how to create something that is absolutely fantastic and that’s exactly what you will learn at this cooking school.

Reasons To Call Laser Dentistry Greenwood Village Colorado Dental Practice

Reasons To Call Laser Dentistry Greenwood Village Colorado Dental Practice

There is a certain procedure that can be utilized by dentists that have the proper laser equipment in order to reshape bone and soft gum tissue. These procedures are very beneficial for people that have gum disease, or if they would like to strengthen the bond that is actually in between the tooth and the filling. There are many dentist that provide this procedure, some of which might be in your area. If you are in Colorado, here is why you should consider calling one of the laser dentistry Greenwood Village Colorado businesses. Continue reading “Reasons To Call Laser Dentistry Greenwood Village Colorado Dental Practice”

The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry Greenwood Village Colorado

The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry Greenwood Village Colorado

Many people put off going to the dentist because they don’t want to deal with the pain of going to the dentist. The dentist can bring out fear in many people and they end up neglecting their teeth until they just have to go. If dental fears are making you neglect your teeth, you might want to try laser dentistry Greenwood Village Colorado. Laser dentistry is gentle and isn’t painful like traditional dental procedures. Continue reading “The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry Greenwood Village Colorado”